1. Используя SQL Server Management Studio, подключитесь к серверу:
  2. SQL2008-ReadOnly1
  3. Expand ‘Security’ then right-click on ‘Logins’.
  4. Select ‘New Login’. The new login window will open in a new window.
  5. SQL2008-ReadOnly2
  6. Under ‘Login name’ enter an appropriate name for the account, for example ‘db1_readonly’
  7. Select ‘SQL Server Authentication’
  8. Under ‘Password’ and ‘Confirm password’ enter and appropriate password
  9. SQL2008-ReadOnly3
  10. Select ‘User Mapping’ from the left hand list
  11. Under ‘Users mapped to this login’ select the database the user will have access to
  12. Under ‘Database role’ elect db_datareader’
  13. SQL2008-ReadOnly4
  14. Click ‘OK’ to save the changes.
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