EVA4400 management module default ip is:
If management module not responding, try to reset it by pressing reset button, located on management module.
To access WOCP: Open browser, in address prompt type:
Type user name: admin
there is no password by default.

A flash reporting a possible issue that could occur if a drive fails during drive firmware update can be found here.


Until the flash is updated showing how to avoid this issue, only update drive firmware when installing a new machine or if all hosts are offline.




IBM recently released new drive firmware for the Storwize V7000, so I thought I would share the process of how I update that firmware.  You can download it from here.      The details for this new package can be found here.   I recommend you perform the drive update before you next update your Storwize V7000 microcode.


I want to be clear that one of the central goals of the Storwize V7000 is to ensure that performing drive firmware updates can be done online without host disruption.    This is possible because each drive can be updated in less than around 4 seconds.   The scripts I share below leave a 10 second delay between drives just to be safe.  I would still prefer that you did the update during a quiet period.


We need to perform this procedure using the command line as there is no way to do this procedure from the GUI (yet).


There are four steps:



  1. Upload the Software Upgrade Test Utility to determine which drives need updating.


  1. Upload the drive microcode package.


  1. Apply the drive software.


  1. Confirm all drives are updated.

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