Задача: перепрошить свичи.

Решение: прошиваем по telnet

switchshow - команда показывающая версию прошивки. После скачивания прошивки, устанавливаем:

Telnet to the switch:
user: admin
Instruct the switch to download the firmware image:
:admin> firmwareDownload "", "mary", "/tmp/V2.x.x"
:admin> is the prompt that the switch presents is the IP address of the host with the image
mary is the user
/tmp/V2.x.x is the firmware image to be loaded into the Compaq StorageWorks Fibre Channel

Switch flash rom
Instruct the switch to reboot with the new firmware image:
:admin> reboot


brocade4Gb:USERID> firmwareDownload
You can run firmwareDownloadStatus to get the status of this command.
This command will cause the switch to reset and will require that existing telnet, secure telnet or SSH sessions be restarted.

Do you want to continue [Y]: Y
Server Name or IP Address: xx.xx.xx.xx
User Name: admin
File Name: Download/v5.x.x/release.plist
Firmwaredownload has started.


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